Laurel Smith


As President of Transcend Inc., Laurel Smith holds the company to a focused mission-gaining a deeper understanding of client needs and discovering how Transcend Services can meet those needs on both a local and national scale. She's excited as the company continues to grow, and her passion translates into forging new ways to help clients achieve a higher quality of life, however possible.

Alongside strict quality assurance, comprehensive employee training, and exhaustive work ethic, Laurel strives to extend kindness in all situations. Because she sees both employees and clients as part of a larger family, her vision for Transcend Services includes remaining personally involved on all levels, never passing over a single detail that could impact the service a client receives. Through her dedication, Transcend Services is poised to grow and succeed in any environment and economy.

Rod Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Since 1991, Rod Smith has been central to the transportation element of Transcend Inc., providing the basis of the personalized service clients have come to expect. With 20 years of experience, Rod draws on his business acumen to ensure that each area of Transcend Inc. remains aligned with its core commitment to quality and strong client relationships-from the drivers to the dispatchers and beyond.

Today, Rod is the Chief Operating Officer at Transcend Inc., keeping every component running smoothly, including front-end customer service and back-end tech platforms. As the company has grown, incorporating translation aid alongside the transportation service it was founded on, Rod continues to form deep connections with local communities and associations, in order to best understand and fulfill their needs. Recognizing value of hard work, Rod also integrates technological advances to increase efficiency, responsiveness, and help Transcend Inc. reach higher levels of performance.

Jon Nickey

Vice President of National Sales

Jon brings over 25 years of sales and leadership experience to the Transcend sales team. His experience includes senior management positions with Third Party Claims administrators and Managed Care Companies. He is responsible for sales and marketing operations for Transcend, while maintaining a focus on the organization's strategic growth goals. He holds a B.S. in Economics from Susquehanna University.

James Jones

Manager of Operations

After eight years in the Marines, James Jones went on to Rocky Mountain Aerospace where he worked as an electrical engineer. Over the years, he traveled widely for numerous companies, managing technicians and engineers in highly specialized fields. This equipped him with a strong logical approach and precise attention to detail that makes him perfect for Transcend Inc.'s Manager of Operations position.

James recognizes that while the daily operations of Transcend Inc. may look the same on the surface, each situation and each client is unique, requiring a high amount of adaptability and flexibility in order to sustain Transcend Inc.'s standards of service. As Transcend Inc. grows, he is driven to ensure that it continues to achieve excellence in local communities as well as national levels.

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