Every industry has certain requirements and regulations that must be met for a business to be deemed "acceptable." However, Transcend Services has never been satisfied with being seen as just "acceptable" or even "above average." We're committed to rising above every other national transportation and translation company out there and giving our clients an unparalleled level of service.

Here's how we're making that happen

Industry Insight

As a company begun by a nurse case manager, we recognize what transportation and interpretation services mean to our clients - from keeping appointments to being able to communicate essential needs upfront.

Beyond Business

Our service is based on loyal, long-term relationships. We aspire to know our customers' needs intimately, transcending the customer-vendor relationship and becoming their friends and allies instead.

Customer Service

Our in-house Communication Team all go through industry training so they can quickly respond to specific client needs. Through highly detailed correspondence, we keep clients up-to-date on all aspects of their appointments.

High Value

Our mission is to offer the highest quality service paired with the most cost-effective pricing available.

Growth Partnerships

Any vendor partners who join in our effort must undergo a strict credentialing process. By holding to established criteria, we maintain a high level of quality assurance across all elements of our business.

Ongoing Development

Transcend continues to expand the way clients can access our services, including an in-development online portal to be launched within the next year.