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What services we provide

Our interpreters assist to overcome language barriers between all parties including the injured person, the employer, the providers, and the claims adjusters to name a few. The result is meaningful and relevant communication which assists the injured party in their recovery and moves the claim closer to resolution. We work with over 200 languages and provide translation for any possible situation, including:

  • Doctor Appointments
  • Hospital Visits
  • Therapy Appointments
  • Business Meetings
  • Legal Consultations/Proceedings
  • Insurance Intakes
  • Vocational Endeavors
  • Job Counseling

What distinguishes us

Our specialized interpretation staff is closely monitored by Transcend Services, and is held to the highest performance standards possible. For us, it's not just about getting the message across, but making sure the claimants knows their needs have been clearly heard and met.

Flexible Service

Whether a claimant requires onsite or telephonic interpretation anywhere in the country, Transcend Services is available.

Best Value

With no mileage charges, travel time or setup fees, our translation service price point can't be beat!

Industry Insight

Our interpretation services are founded on extensive research and consultation with industry experts.

Our Testimonials

Transcend has become my first choice for transportation and interpretation services. have used all the national companies and find Transcend's service and cost to be the best in the industry. I can count on them to follow up with my injured workers and communicate to me any changes or issues that arise. I like working with service partners that I can count on, who do the job right and take away all my concerns once the referral is made . . . Transcend is one of those companies.

Joanne Colbert Senior Claims Representative Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.

I have a large case load and I count on Transcend to take care of my transportation and interpretation needs. They go above and beyond to make my job just a little easier. They have outstanding customer service representatives that provide me with proactive communication and truly understand the importance of the appointments that my injured workers' need to attend. I have met several Transcend drivers and interpreters and they always conduct themselves professionally and provide a high quality of service. I would highly recommend Transcend to anyone needing such services.

Anna Cramer Nurse Case Manager Genex Services, Inc.

I would just like to send a message of thanks to all of Transcend, Inc. employees for providing ongoing dependable service for which your company has assisted in coordination on behalf of my client's for years. The staff is courtesy and helpful and I know when I call or my client's call to coordinate transports, the job will be completed without need for continued follow up. I appreciate the follow up when transports are cancelled, or to confirm authorization for ongoing transport needs, or track transports through the GPS service to ensure client's are on their ways to various destinations. So, thank you, everyone, at Transcend, Inc. for being so helpful and allowing me to make a portion of my job a little easier.

Sonia Dufour RN, CCM Senior Nurse Case Manager First Rehabilitation Resources, Inc.

I have been using Transcend for translation services for over a year and I found them to be professional, courteous and easy to work with. My claimants have been so impressed by their translation staff that they request them by name.

Juan Solorzano, MSLBE, BSN, RN, CCM Sr. Rehabiliation Specialist/ Medical Management Erie Insurance